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Optima’s Business Computer Services


Optima offers complete IT services for small to medium sized businesses in and around Harpenden. We act as your IT experts, to be on hand when you need support, without the cost of an internal IT team.

We deliver a cost-effective IT solution designed to your company’s needs. Whether you’re a new business setting up a computer network, or an established company looking to improve your IT infrastructure, Optima can help. You can choose whether to sign up to a monthly IT support contract, or use us on an ad hoc ‘pay as you go’ basis, whichever you prefer.

We run your IT. You run your business.


Please find listed below some of the IT services we offer. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Computer and Laptop Repair


Whether your computer or laptop keeps crashing, freezing, won’t boot, or is suffering from a failed hardware component such as a hard drive or DVD drive, Optima has experience of all computer problems and can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.



Data Recovery


Should disaster strike and you lose data through hardware failure or by accidental deletion, PC Man are hard disk and RAID data recovery specialists.

We also offer data recovery services for iPhone and iPad and can advise on how best to protect your data going forward with secure data back ups.


Malware and Virus Removal


Computer problems are not always hardware related. Your computer may be running slowly or perhaps your computer keeps crashing or behaving unpredictably. These computer problems are often caused by malware. Virus and malware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious.

If you are running a business, your computer will hold details of crucial customer information and data that needs to be protected. A major virus attack will lead to wasted downtime and missed opportunities. We can advise on security, data back ups and implement an antivirus solution, ensuring that your business can run effectively, even in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.


Computer Upgrades


Does your computer seem to struggle when trying to open large files or display enhanced graphics? Many people think they need to buy a new computer, but with an upgrade you may well be able to turn your current computer into a faster, more efficient machine.

Our computer technicians can upgrade your computer’s memory, hard drive, install sound or graphics cards or DVD drives. If your machine really cannot be improved, we can offer great deals on building, or supplying you, with new.


Wireless Networking and WiFi Issues


Most offices have more than one computer and so the need for wireless networks is essential. A wireless network is easy to manage, and offers flexibility by enabling you to use your laptop, iPad or smartphone anywhere in the office.

An office network allows for printer sharing, central data storage and facilitates internet access for visiting clients or business contacts.

Optima are wireless networking specialists and can set you up with a simple, secure office network. We can help you with any WiFi networking issues you are experiencing from poor WiFi connection to bad coverage.


Software & Hardware Installation


Have you bought a new Windows PC, Apple computer or a printer and don’t know where to begin with installing it? PC Man is happy to help!

We can install hardware components such as RAM, sound cards, graphics cards, DVD drives, hard drives and motherboards.

We can also assist you with software installation, such as setting up Microsoft Office and antivirus solutions.


Computer Health Check


General day to day use, installing and removing programs and internet browsing can all affect your computer. It’s recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly. Maintaining your computer will add to its longevity and help to keep it working efficiently.

Optima can perform a computer health check. This will remove dust, malware, blocking pop-ups and checking for viruses. Cleaning the build-up of old files, removing unwanted software, installing critical windows updates and optimising your computer’s performance.


Data Transfer


Have you bought a new Apple or PC and want to transfer all the data from your old computer to the new one? We can safely migrate all your data for you.

Optima can also advise you on back up solutions to make sure you never lose important files.


Smartphones and Tablets


Do you have a smartphone or tablet such as an iPhone/iPad and need help with set up and configuration? Do you want to sync your contacts, calendar, tasks and email with your computer?





A business server gives you the capability to store all your data centrally, freeing up your individual PCs to run applications exclusively, allowing the computers to run faster and more efficiently. This is becoming more and more popular with home users too, as their music, movie and photo collections increase.

All machines connected to the network are able to access files stored on the server. For your convenience the server can be accessed both in the office and remotely.


Data Back Ups


Optima can help you to protect all your files, including databases and accountancy data, by making regular scheduled copies.

These can be taken from all your desktops and laptops and stored centrally. Either on a secure hard drive or online with our cloud based back up solution. This way if anything should happen to your computer all your data is safely backed up.  We can then have you up and running in no time!