Home Users

If you need computer help at home, we’re here to help! Our IT support technicians are trained on Apple and PCs and will come to your home to get your computers running smoothly.

Our computer services extend well beyond basic computer repair. We can help you set up your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, troubleshoot internet issues, set up your wireless network, help with backing up files and photos and synching your data across all your devices. We’ll remove viruses and malware and do an overall health check to make sure everything’s working properly.

We are expert in all things WiFi and can install or upgrade your WiFi network, dealing with any WiFi problems you maybe experiencing. We can also set up and manage parental controls on your internet service to keep your children safe online.

With Optima you are guaranteed a friendly and efficient IT technician every time.

Please find listed below some of the home computer services we offer. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Computer Health Check


General day to day use, installing and removing programs and internet browsing can all affect your computer. It’s recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly. Maintaining your computer will add to its longevity and help to keep it working efficiently.

Optima will perform a computer health check, removing dust, malware and checking for viruses, cleaning the build-up of old files, removing unwanted software, installing critical windows updates and optimising your computer’s performance.


Computer and Laptop Repair


Whether your computer or laptop keeps crashing, freezing, won’t boot or is suffering from a failed hardware component such as a hard drive, Optima is experienced in all areas of computer support and can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.




Data Back Up


Optima can help you to protect all your files, including music and photos, by making regular copies of your important data.

These can be taken from all your desktops and laptops and stored centrally either on a local secure hard drive or online with our cloud based back up solution which protect you from fire, flood and theft. This way if anything should happen to your computer – all your data is safely backed up so that we can have you up and running in no time!



Data Recovery


Should disaster strike and you lose data through hardware failure or by accidental deletion, Optima can assist you with hard disk and RAID data recovery.

We can also advise on how best to protect your data going forward with secure data back ups to make sure you never lose important files or those precious family photos. We can safely migrate data and transfer files from computers, tablets, smartphones or external hard drives.



Software & Hardware Installation


Have you bought a new Windows PC, Apple computer or printer and don’t know where to begin with installing it? Optima is happy to help!

We can install hardware components such as RAM, sound cards, graphics cards, DVD drives, hard drives and motherboards.

We can also assist you with software installation, such as setting up Microsoft Office and antivirus solutions.



Malware and Virus Removal


Computer problems are not always hardware related. Your computer may be running slowly, your internet browser plagued with pop-ups or perhaps your computer keeps crashing or behaving unpredictably. These computer problems are often caused by malware. Virus and malware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious.

Often viruses can only be removed with professional help. We are experienced in identifying viruses and malware, so can quickly help remove the virus and repair any damage done. We will also ensure that you are protected from future attacks by providing advice on antivirus software.


Wireless Networking & WiFi Issues


Most homes now have more than one computer and various devices that connect to the internet, so the need for wireless networks has become essential for home users. A wireless network is easy to manage, and offers flexibility by enabling you to use your laptop, iPad or smartphone anywhere in the house or garden.

Home networking also enables several users to access the internet at once – so no more family arguments! Optima are wireless networking specialists. We can set you up with a secure home network and help you with any WiFi issues you may be experiencing such as poor WiFi coverage or connection problems.