Web Design


Stand Out from the Crowd

Here at Optima we are experts in WordPress Website Design. When Optima starts a website we ensure we fully understand our clients requirements and objectives, ensuring we get right to the heart of what the website should achieve.
Whether the website is purely informative, offers dynamic content or is selling a product, they deliver a measurable return-on-investment, and as well as being functional an eye-catching design reinforces the online branding.

Optima values the importance of great design, a well executed website will instill confidence in a brand and fortify the quality of its message or products.
By ensuring we fully understand our clients business, reviewing both branding and identifying clients objectives, a tailor-made web experience will ensure the clients customers will love their website.

Providing a better and faster user experience

With more people using smartphones and tablets statistics between 2016 – 2017 show the % of visits from mobile devices grew from 57% to 63% v’s Desktop use.  Websites that provide a better and faster user experience across multiple devices have several benefits including scoring higher in Google rankings, increasing conversation rates and ultimately staying ahead of the competition.
While site content is king, it is the user experience that Optima strives to understand, and by providing an optimal web experience for our clients, is the end result we work towards.
The advantages of having a single site that works across multiple devices are significant, compared to “out of date” web practice of having two separate websites and having multiple websites can result in Google penalising these.


We like to think we are ‘equipping’ your website for battle. It begins its life cycle armoured with the right tools so that its first submission to Google is a strong one.

After launch, we monitor your site’s progress as the domain becomes trusted and pages are indexed. The site is constantly tweaked according to your industry, so that over time you fill the most appropriate search queries.

The right keywords will then be sprinkled into your copy, metadata and rich snippets. This will happen during the design phase so that you launch with a solid foundation.


When Can I See Results?

SEO is not to be gift-wrapped in a day, a week or even a month. It is an ongoing, delicate operation, the results of which unfold over a longer period of time. We don’t offer magical, overnight solutions; such shortcuts don’t exist with search engine optimisation. What we do offer is a service from experience, carefully tested in accordance with Google’s guidelines and best practices, and our own intuition.